Behavioral Treatment

Psychological behavioral treatment, often referred to as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), is a widely used approach to treating various mental health conditions. Clients will learn and practice behavioral strategies aimed at changing specific actions or habits contributing to their difficulties. This may include techniques such as exposure therapy, where individuals gradually confront feared situations, or behavioral activation, which involves scheduling enjoyable activities, managing chronic pain, pre-surgical anxieties, post-surgical recovery and/or complications and how to combat depression.

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Evaluations & Assessments

Assessments of the psychological effects of health conditions are crucial for understanding the holistic impact of illness on individuals’ mental well-being. Structured or semi-structured interviews conducted by mental health professionals to assess symptoms, emotions, and coping mechanisms related to the health condition.  We will employ standardized scales, and questionnaires are used to quantify the severity of psychological symptoms such as depression, anxiety, stress, and quality of life and how their health conditions or pain management intersect.

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